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Jusoor Foundation gives falaj in Wadi al Jizi RO25,000 facelift

6 Jan 2021

Jusoor Foundation has completed the maintenance work of Al Dhuwaiqa Falaj in Wadi al Jizi area in the wilayat of Sohar, a project funded by OQ within a cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources.

Costing nearly RO25,000, the project is part of the commitment of OQ to social responsibility through Jusoor Foundation, the social investment arm of Sohar Aluminium, Vale Oman and OQ. 

The falaj is expected to serve citizens residing in the area of Hail Dhuwaiqa in Wadi al Jizi by providing them with groundwater for their farms and animals. Maintenance of the falaj will enhance the added-value by preparing it to be a tourist attraction and through the preservation of Oman’s attractions and heritage.

The Al Dhuwaiqa Falaj is categorised as a ‘ghaili falaj’, which refers to the type of falaj that is fed through ponds and running water. Measuring 880m long and located 5km away from the highway, the falaj is the water source on which people depend to irrigate their crops and for their other daily uses. 

The maintenance work included the construction of an 800m open-air water distribution canal. The process required the removal of the old canal, deeper digging and expansion especially near mountainous surfaces. 

This was followed by cementing the bottom of the canal and constructing a 5m flyover.

Saif al Shibli, supervisor of Al Dhuwaiqa Falaj, said, “This project is of great importance to the people who rely heavily on this historic falaj for many aspects of their life, in addition to their connection to it. This maintenance work will revive the falaj and enable the best utilisation of its water and will certainly preserve  a part of Omani heritage and one of the beautiful tourist attractions in Wadi al Jizi area.”

The investment by the founding companies of Jusoor for the maintenance projects for various aflaj in North Batinah governorate amounted to RO188,000, which included maintenance works for five ‘ghaili’ and ‘dawoodi’ aflaj. 

These projects included the reconstruction of old water canals and the construction of new ones with flyovers in order to sustain a genuine heritage of the sultanate.

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