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Fight winter wrinkles

4 Jan 2021

Preventing wrinkles is a year-round task, but it’s more difficult to do so during winter. It is said, cold temperatures, lower humidity, wind, and the winter sun can all work together to dry out skin and cause fine lines and wrinkles. Our skin is unable to retain water in the winter and a drop in humidity, thus results in dry skin and winter weather wrinkles.

  1. Alex Khadavi, a certified dermatologist and researcher, who is an associate professor of Dermatology at the University of Southern California and the creator of Rejuve MD, an effective anti-aging treatment for the face/eye, believes that this product activates the skin’s natural rejuvenation process by sending messages that awaken the collagen and elastin, while curbing the enzymes that destroy the skin’s supportive matrix. 
  2. Dr Khadavi says dry skin lacks moisture, and when skin isn’t hydrated, wrinkles and other flaws become more apparent. “When your skin is dry, the protective barrier of the skin is damaged, allowing moisture to escape. This leaves skin looking dry, papery, and dull, and if you don’t take care of skin, you could end up with crow’s feet and other fine lines and wrinkles before winter is over.”

To prevent winter weather wrinkles, here are some of his expert tips:

Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliating skin regularly is important during the winter. It helps to slough away dead skin cells that make skin look dull, and by removing that layer of dead skin cells, it allows moisturisers and anti-aging products to work better. Just avoid exfoliating too often to avoid irritating skin.

Moisturize regularly

To prevent dryness before it starts, make sure you moisturise regularly. You may need to moisturise more often during the dry winter months. The best time to moisturise in when skin is still damp (after a shower) since it helps skin trap extra water, preventing dryness.

Use appropriate moisturisers 

Don’t expect your summer moisturiser to do the job during the winter. To prevent those winter weather wrinkles, look for moisturisers that have super-hydrating ingredients. It’s also important to avoid ingredients that may irritate skin. Look for moisturisers that have aloe vera, coconut oil, or olive oil, since they sooth skin and lock in moisture. 

Use a humidifier

Since running the heat during the winter leaves indoor air dry, use a humidifier. This keeps moisture in the air, preventing dryness that can lead to wrinkles.

Don’t forget sun protection

You need sun protection, even during the winter, and sun damage can increase your chance of developing winter wrinkles. Use sun protection daily, and apply extra sunblock if you plan to participating in outdoor winter activities for an extended period. Wearing sunglasses and protective clothing can also protect skin from sun damage.

Eat a diet high in antioxidants

It’s easy to turn to comfort foods during the winter, but to protect your skin from dryness and winter weather wrinkles, you need to make sure your diet is high in antioxidants. Antioxidants help protect and heal your skin from the inside out.

Use an anti-aging cream

To fight those winter weather wrinkles, use an anti-aging cream daily. Look for anti-aging creams that contain wrinkle-fighting ingredients like hyaluronic acid, apricot oil, vitamin, and retinol.

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