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Ministry decision on incentives to private sector

2 Jan 2021

Implementing the decision of the Supreme Committee on extending a package of incentives offered by the government to establishments of the private sector and manpower till March 31, 2021, the Ministry of Labour has decided the following:

  • Non-termination of the services of national manpower.
  • It is permissible for hard-hit private sector firms, under the current circumstances, to negotiate cutting down salaries of their respective employees for a period of three months in return for cutting down the number of working hours (after an employee has exhausted his/her  paid holidays). This procedure will take effect, if necessary, till March 31, 2021.
  • Exemption from fees and fines against licences of non-Omani manpower provided the expat workers leave the country permanently.
  • Exemption from first-time fines of renewal and services transfer during the period from March 15, 2020 to March 31, 2021.
  • Allowing stricken private sector firms and establishments to terminate the services of expatriate manpower provided all past dues are paid to them and on condition they leave the country.
  • Cutting down the fees for renewal of labour cards of non-Omani manpower till March 2021, from RO301 to RO201. It is permissible to renew the expired cards of establishments and firms which have Omani employees. The incentive also applies to owners of small and medium enterprises who are registered at the Public Authority for Social Insurance.
  • Allowing business owners to renew the expired cards of expat employees who were outside the sultanate during the lockdown period. Resulting fines will also be cancelled.
  • Extending the duration of licence for recruitment that expires during the current period.
  • Approving temporary work licences for non-Omani manpower. Expat manpower’s work licences that are usable partly or fully will be endorsed. Fees will be charged only against new labour recruitments.
  • When necessary, multiple establishments owned by the same partners may second their workers to any other establishment among partner firms.

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