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RO50,000 to refurbish 27 homes of orphans

28 Dec 2020 By MOHAMMED TAHA

A charity has started refurbishing 27 homes of orphans in Dhofar. Bahja Omani Association for Orphans provides care and assistance to children in and outside its orphanages through several programmes. 

The association launched a campaign in November to raise RO50,000 to refurbish homes of orphans which it accomplished within ten days.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Abdul Salem al Yafei, vice chairman and founder, informed that the Bahja Omani Association for Orphans is classified as a non-governmental charity for orphans and was established in 2014 in accordance with Ministerial Decision No 14/2000.

“We aim to exert all efforts needed to ensure comprehensive support and care for orphaned children. We have developed a number of programmes to this end, including one for integration of the children into society to ensure they are equal to their peers. We give the children access to all types of care, including monthly financial support, moral support, healthcare, education and social support. We are currently opening branches of the association in the other governorates of the sultanate.”

The association launched an initiative called Baraka in August 2020, which aims to promote social solidarity with the participation of shops wherein 100bz from each sale goes to orphan care. “We have the support of 139 shops so far. The association, in cooperation with some schools, has also distributed computers to families of orphans and families with limited income to help children learn remotely,” Yafei said. 

“We have received financial support from many people and private sector companies. We seek cooperation with other volunteer teams and communities in Dhofar to help poor families and are grateful to the businessmen and private and government institutions for their support.”

The association can be contacted on 23289966/92877577 or emailed at bahjah1.omani

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