Monday, December 04
05:18 PM

Annual bonus for state employees to vary from 50 per cent to 100 per cent in 2021

28 Dec 2020

The Ministry of Finance issued a circular on Monday approving the disbursement of annual periodic bonuses for state employees for the year 2021.

The circular stated that the ministry aims to spare the lower income groups from the effects that may result from some of the measures taken by the government in light of the financial and economic situation the sultanate is going through.

‘One hundred per cent disbursement will be issued to employees whose total monthly salary is less than RO900 and 50 per cent for employees whose total monthly salary is RO900 or more,’ the circular said.

According to the Government Communication Centre (GCC), the curricular is for periodic bonus rather than increase of salaries. “This is only for one-time annual period bonus for the year 2021. In the previous years, the percentage was the same for all employees,” a GCC official said. 

The decision applies to all government ministries, civil, military and security government units, public bodies and institutions, and government companies for the year 2021.


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