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Pact signed to operate Diam’s facilities with solar energy

20 Dec 2020

The Public Authority for Water – Diam and Shell Oman have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) to operate some water assets of Diam using solar energy.

The pact came in accordance with Diam’s vision regarding enhancement of the operational efficiency of its assets, and also within the community initiatives undertaken by Shell Oman.

The MoC was signed by Dr Fahd bin Salem al Hosani, general manager of projects and acting chairman of Diam, and Intisaar al Kindi, deputy country chairman and general manager,  Upstream of Shell Oman. 

Under the agreement, Shell Oman will power three water assets belonging to Diam using solar energy. Work in the first project is scheduled to commence in 2021, by installing PV solar system for the operation of the water desalination plant Buthilah in Qarn al Alam  (wilayat of Adam) with an estimated energy generation of about 50MWhr/year. 

The other two projects will be implemented during 2022 and 2023. Installation of solar systems will be assigned to a small and medium enterprise. 

Dr Hosani said, “This agreement is considered an important addition to Diam’s efforts in implementing initiatives of its strategic plan (2018–2025) in the area of energy management in order to benefit from renewable energy technologies.”

Intisaar said, “Shell Oman is thrilled to extend our new energies to Diam. Together with the Public Authority for Water, this is our contribution to Oman’s future.”


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