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Oman Airports outlines challenges, achievements, plans and strategies

20 Dec 2020

Within the context of its fifth annual CEO meeting, Oman Airports presented the achievements, the operational challenges that it managed to overcome in the preceding year, and its new plans and strategies, as well as their method of implementation. 

The online meeting, held on Sunday from the Shamikhat Hall of the company’s training centre, opened the path for the exchange of opinions and suggestions between Oman Airport’s CEO, unit managers, deputy managers, general managers and employees.

Shaikh Aimen bin Ahmed al Hosni, CEO, Oman Airports, conducted a visual presentation that encompassed all the achievements made despite the COVID-19 pandemic, that led to the closure of all international airports and the disruption of air traffic. He affirmed that the guidance of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik played an instrumental role in overcoming many economic challenges. 

The Supreme Committee for dealing with COVID-19, allowed Oman Airports to minimise severe economic losses, and to safely orchestrate unlisted private flights with the assistance of national and international transporters, and the aid of some of the embassies of neighbouring countries.


The CEO of Oman Airports confirmed that the complete return to operations was proving itself to be particularly challenging. 

Nonetheless, with the solidarity of all relevant parties and their assistance, the perseverance of national cadres in dealing with any new developments, and the professionalism of the company’s employees, Muscat airport, Salalah Airport, Duqm Airport and the fuel field airports all managed to gradually return to operations much quicker than anticipated.


Oman Airport’s CEO noted that although, internationally, the aviation sector was met with countless challenges after the pandemic, the company still managed to become the first airport in the Middle East to acquire the health certification that the ACI (Airports Council International) recently adopted to recognise exceptionally thorough, professional and high-standard health and safety measures, procedures and policies. 

Receiving this accreditation during such trying times stands as a testament to Oman Airports’ dedication to delivering the services possible to its passengers, and its relentless efforts to constantly improve upon itself and overcome any new challenges.

After the acknowledgment of the ACI health certification, the CEO briefly outlined how Oman Airports managed to meet the objectives it set out for in its previous strategies for Vision 2020. 

He recounted how in 2019, Muscat airport managed to rank seventh internationally in the 15-25mn passenger category in the service-quality assessment programme designed by ACI, and Salalah airport managed to rank fourth internationally in the 2mn passenger category. 

The ACI’s ranking system followed a very rigorous set of criteria, making the achievement of such rankings a tremendous feat on a global scale. 

The CEO followed by stating that while these rankings are worth celebrating, they will only serve to motivate Oman Airports to direct its future operations towards reaching greater heights of excellence and exceeding, by a large margin, previously set expectations. The presentation was followed by an open discussion.

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