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20 Dec 2020 By HUBERT VAZ

Dr Natalie Taylor had to abandon the YallaGo expedition due to a leg injury while Anisa al Raisi will now continue alone for the next two weeks until she reaches the final destination – Mirbat – into the new year


With just about a fortnight left, the ambitious YallaGo expedition, undertaken by Anisa al Raisi and her UK companion, Dr Natalie Taylor, faced a major jolt that fractured their joint aim of making it to the finial destination in Mirbat, in Dhofar region, in the first week of January 2021.

Unfortunately,  Natalie suffered a leg injury which required immediate medical attention and rest for at least a couple of weeks ahead. So, she had to be ferried by the support team back to Muscat while Anisa will now continue the journey all alone.

Sharing the sad fact via a video clip midway, after the two girls successfully completed the desert stretch of their journey, Anisa said, “It is unfortunate that Natalie suffered a leg injury and has to leave the expedition midway for proper medical treatment. However, the YallaGo expedition will continue as per schedule, and now, I will carry both, the Omani flag as well as the British flag, to the end point in Mirbat.”

Natalie added, “I will be unable to continue the expedition due to my injury, since I need at least a couple of weeks’ rest. Nevertheless, the YallaGo expedition will be completed by Anisa, and I am happy that she will carry both our flags to the final destination. YallaGo must continue!”

While Natalie left the expedition around December 18 and later left for the UK, Anisa is left with the arduous task of completing the challenge all on her own, faced with the grim challenge of having no one for company and no one to talk to during the next fortnight. During the last 10km, she will be asking people enroute to join her towards the finish line in Mirbat to make the last leg a memorable conclusion to a great expedition. And, of course, she has Natalie’s good wishes and the commitment of taking the British flag along to the finish line.

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