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16 Dec 2020

Don’t let winter disrupt your workout routine everyday. Though it’s tempting to come home and curl up under a blanket, you need to keep yourself active and mobile all winter long. It will not ust help you stay in shape and prepared for spring weather but also build your immunity and help fend off colds and flus, burn off holiday weight, and keep you happy even when you miss the sunshine. No matter what you enjoy doing most, you can find indoor alternatives workouts that suit you during winter. These winter workouts can be done in a warm indoor environment:


Yoga provides relaxing physical activity all year long and can easily be done in your bedroom, living room or just about anywhere in the house. You can even use yoga first thing in the morning to wake up slowly and get your body warmed up for the day. If you are new to yoga, try out a beginner level class. You can do yoga in a heated room or also in the sun in your balcony or terrace.


If you love cardio, you probably don’t want to give up that runner’s high, but you might not want to venture out into chilly conditions either. During the cold winter months, try cardio exercises, like jogging, indoors. You can also try climbing stairs, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, burpees, skipping or high knees.


Chances are your family and family pets are getting a little stir crazy inside the house, too. So, play actively with your kids or pets for another cardiovascular workout option. Whether it is a game of hide and seek or a family dance-off, playing together is a good workout and great fun. 


These bodyweight exercises have been used in defence services for years to build up strong soldiers. You can do calisthenics in your house easily without purchasing any special equipment. Just perform three or four of these exercises three or four times a week to grow stronger all winter long. They include push-ups, crunches. leg lifts, planks, squats, lunges, chair dips and calf raises.


If you simply can’t motivate yourself to work out at home, it might be time to find a gym that hosts an indoor alternative to your favourite workout. If you are a bicyclist, check out cycling classes. If you run, sign up at a place with tonnes of treadmills. Though gym memberships can be expensive, staying healthy throughout the winter is worth the investment. So, do what suits you best.

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