Sunday, December 03
12:13 PM

Sultanate has over 65,000 jobseekers


Oman’s expat population has significantly dropped – by 300,000 – in the last two years. The number of Omani jobseekers now stands at 65,438, according to National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI).

Data available from E-Census 2020 shows the total expat population in the country is 1,739,692. “We have witnessed a significant decrease in the number of expats during the last two years; a drop of about 300,000,” Dr Khalifa al Barwani, CEO of NCSI, said.

The total expat workforce is 1.4mn, of which 1.106mn work in the private sector, 43,842 in the public sector, 251,400 in the family sector, and 4,134 in the community sector.

Figures for the national workforce show that of the 65,438 jobseekers, 24,559 are male and 40,879 female. Among the male, 11,693 have the general education diploma and 6,265 have educational qualifications lower than GED. The number of male jobseekers with Bachelor’s and higher degrees is 4,013, and higher education diploma holders number 2,400.

Among the female jobseekers, 20,288 are holders of Bachelor’s or higher degrees, followed by 10,470 GED holders. There are 8,097 higher education diploma holders, and 1,828 female jobseekers with qualifications lower than GED. 

The majority of the jobseekers (47,115) are 29 years.

The E-Census 2020 revealed that there are 252,200 employees who are 50 years or older. Of these, 32,180 work in the public sector and 168,800 in the private sector.

The total number of employees is 2,158,807, of which 1,457,029 work in private sector and 393,042 for the government. The family sector employs 302,378 and the community sector 5,399, while other sectors employ 959 workers.

The data indicates that the total number of Omani employees is 751,831, including 350,378 in the private sector, 349,200 in the public sector, 50,965 in the family sector and 1,265 in the community sector.

H E Sayyid Faisal bin Hamoud al Busaidi, Minister of Interior, pointed out that the electronic census is considered the first attempt to integrate government and private sector data.

He said that electronic setup will enable the database users to obtain highly accurate and detailed information that can be updated online, thus contributing efficiently to development plans in a manner that syncs with Oman Vision 2040.

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