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None of my business

16 Dec 2020

Just not superheroes and villains, everyone has – or would like to have – an alter ego to give vent to their wild dreams. If nothing, it helps take the mind off endless deadlines, commitments, cut-throat competition or just everyday banality.

Up close & personal

‘NONE OF MY BUSINESS’ unveils people who make news as they’re prodded to reveal little known facets of themselves – everything not related to their work and profession. Here is Balqees al Hassani, educator and president of Knowledge Oman, up close and personal.


Friends or food…what would you opt for in a lazy evening?

I will surely choose friends because they are precious. And they make the food even tastier. 


What is the full form of ATM and CDM?

I have no idea. [automated teller machine, cash deposit machine]


Mohamed Salah or Roger Federer? Why? 

I love football so in that case it will be surely Salah. 


Name the song on love, an ocean, a huge ship, a poor boy and a rich girl?

Of course it is Titanic and the song is ‘My heart will go on’. One can never forget it. 


What were you doing ten years from now?

I was in Kandy in Sri Lanka on a vacation. 


Why does black coffee taste better without sugar and milk?

I have no idea. 


Who said veni, vidi, vici?

I have no idea. [A Latin phrase popularly attributed to Julius Caesar, meaning I came; I saw; I conquered]


Say any dialogue from a film from your mother tongue?

Mugambo khus hua, which means Mugambo is now very happy. I just love the dialogue and the film (Mr India) though it is not in my mother tongue. 


Why does a fan have three blades?

I think you better ask the manufacturers who make it. 


Why is the moon in different shapes?

It is because of the rotation of the Earth and the shift in lights. 


If you meet Nelson Mandela what will you tell him?

I will thank him for all the things that he has done for mankind, mainly championing the cause of freedom and uniting people all across. 


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