Wednesday, January 26
08:55 AM

Madayn conducts training programme on feasibility analysis, project appraisal

16 Dec 2020

The Public Establishment for Industrial Estates – Madayn, represented by Madayn Industrial Academy, organised on Wednesday a training programme entitled ‘Feasibility Analysis and Project Appraisal’.

Moderated by Dharmaraj King, partner – Consulting Division at Advanced Business Consultants, the training programme highlighted several topics related to market, technical, financial and economic analysis.

The moderator pointed out that market analysis is concerned primarily with the aggregate demand of the proposed product/service in future, and the market share of the project under appraisal. The programme highlighted that technical analysis seeks to determine whether the prerequisites for the successful commissioning of the project have been considered and reasonably good choices have been made with respect to location, size and process.

On the other hand, financial analysis seeks to ascertain the financial viability of the proposed project. 

Economic analysis incorporates direct economic benefits and costs of the project measured in terms of shadow (efficiency) prices and not in terms of market prices; the impact of the project on income distribution, and level of savings and investment in society; and the contribution of the project towards the fulfillment of certain merit requirements like self-sufficiency, employment and social order.

Madayn Industrial Academy was established in 2019 to offer training opportunities for the 

national cadres to enhance administrative, financial and technical skills, raise their productivity, provide value adding services to investors in industrial cities, and provide new job opportunities for the national cadres.


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