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How COVID-19 changed our daily drive

16 Dec 2020

It is an indisputable fact that the COVID-19 pandemic changed a lot about our daily lives, including our relationships with our vehicles. Many of our habits behind the wheel have shifted in the light of everything this year put in front of us.


We’re spending less for fuel

The COVID-19 pandemic quickly closed many regular driving destinations, including office buildings, schools, restaurants and retail, which in turn gave drivers fewer places to go. While the amount of driving we’ll be doing over the next few months is still uncertain, the positive impact on wallets is still there. 

Designated errands and designated runners

Most people are also strategic with how and when they leave the house for essentials. Many are not comfortable making a quick run to the store to pick up something they forgot for dinner. Most say they now save all of their errands for one day or do curbside orders to limit potential exposure to the virus. Others have a designated errand runner, so only one person has to leave the house.

Rush hour is less rushed

With more people continuing to work from home,and students taking classes online, rush hour is proving less intense. Nearly two-thirds of drivers recognise that normal traffic patterns have shifted since the start of 2020. A large number also confirm there is less traffic on their regular routes.

Comfort levels are shifting

As a result of the pandemic, several people are not comfortable using public transportation. However, confidence behind the wheel is down, too. Also many are not very confident driving since the start of the pandemic.

Additionally, people are careful about who they drive with and are not comfortable having passengers from outside their household in their own vehicle.

Face masks are the new sunglasses

The year 2020 has not just changed when and where we use our cars, it is also changing what we keep in them. Most people keep a face mask handy in their cars and many have a designated spot for it in their vehicles – be it in the glove compartment, center console, rearview mirror, or the gear shift. The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted how we view, use and depend on our vehicles.




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