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RO6,000 in prizes for most beautiful home gardens in Dhofar

15 Dec 2020 By MOHAMMED TAHA

In efforts to increase green space and spread the culture of afforestation among citizens and residents, Dhofar Municipality has announced a contest for the most beautiful home garden.

An official of Dhofar Municipality said, “The contest is part of the municipality’s campaign called ‘We plant to live’. The municipality, represented by the Department of Gardens and Agriculture, calls on citizens and residents to participate in the contest.”

Besides promoting the culture of planting plants and trees, the contest will encourage the use of modern technologies in the field of afforestation, caring for home gardens, and strengthening community partnerships. 

Explaining the eligibility rules of the contest, the Dhofar Municipality official informed that participation is open to all citizens and residents of Dhofar who are owners or tenants of a house. 

Participating home gardens will be evaluated on the diversity and health of plants, concept and design of the garden, provision of seating and pathways, and use of technology and environmentally friendly solutions (rationing use of water, use of solar energy, etc).

“Registration for the contest will be open from February 21 to 28, 2021, and results will be announced on March 15, 2021. The first prizewinner will receive RO3,000. Second and third place winners will get RO2,000 and RO1,000 respectively,” the official said. 

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