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Welcome to the new world

14 Dec 2020

Many people are upset about COVID-19 and its impact on their lives. It has brought changes in so many fields which resulted in changes in our lives. 

Because of the virus, air travel does not make sense anymore. Many airlines are cutting down on operations and are just hoping for better days. Some countries are pushing for people to use more trains, which will be cheaper and environmentally friendlier. For years, we have been using air transportation with the appearance of many low-cost airlines, without thinking that unless we bring positive changes into this industry, it will disappear. Innovation is required everywhere.

The closing of theatres and cinemas has made us more addicted to TV with the choice of thousands of channels. The production of TV series costs less and requires different approaches. 

When we look around, we see that cars are becoming more and more electrical and the need for petroleum has been drastically reduced. This necessitates oil-producing countries to identify new sources of revenues by diversifying their economies. The time of filthy rich oil tycoons is over.

What we eat, what we read, what we say and how we meet – all need rethinking. We have to create new understanding. The awareness of climate issues has forced us to identify new sources of energy. 

The confinement has made us use our time better. We work from home; we depend more and more on technology and robotics. The danger of this shift could be that in the future it will be technology that’s imposing on our behaviour. We need to educate our younger generations of this danger.

Yesterday’s world was based on certain values, which unfortunately have lost their meaning today. In the past, respect of others, punctuality, privacy meant a lot. 

Today values have changed and it is up to us to educate the future generations to identify new values which will enhance our lives on this planet.

We should not be afraid of the future, but rather become people who positively modify it. Politics, finance, economy, trade, identity and religion had a certain meaning yesterday but need a new direction today. 

Yesterday, China was an overcrowded country producing very cheap products; today it is a real superpower. Yesterday, the US was the real boss of the economy; today, it has accumulated a national debt of over US$27tn. Yesterday, soldiers were sent to war upfront; today it is drones and missiles. 

Each and every one of us in their own domain can come up with new ideas which the world needs. 

Yesterday, there was no time to suggest changes, but today everybody will be delighted to discover novelties, new ideas and alternatives. 

In France, a well-known five-star restaurant converted itself into a vegetable selling shop, since it was working with suppliers and knew how to acquire the best. People will buy the products, as they are not allowed to meet in restaurants.

By becoming creative, we successfully face the challenge of transforming the world into a better place.

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