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Survey to assess awareness, attitudes to vaccine kicks off today

14 Dec 2020

A national survey on the knowledge, attitude and practices regarding the COVID-19 vaccine, conducted by the Ministry of Health (MoH) represented by the Directorate General for Disease Surveillance and Control in cooperation with other stakeholders, will be launched on Tuesday. 

The survey aims to understand the views of the society, in addition to promoting scientific information and refuting misinformation and rumours. It will assess attitudes regarding the vaccine, the ministry stated. 

‘Knowing that the more participants, the more accurate and representative the results of the different segments of society’, the survey will cover around 3,000 randomly selected individuals, Omanis and expatriates, from all the governorates of Oman. 

The survey will be conducted in the form a five-minute phone call from the National Centre for Statistics and Information. During the call, the survey participant will be asked a set of questions to which he/she will respond based on their general information. Questions will relate to their knowledge, attitude and practices pertaining to the vaccine.

The MoH noted that the success of the survey depends on the response of all – the credibility and realism of their answers to the questions – in order to achieve the ultimate goal of controlling the pandemic and its effects. 

‘Undoubtedly, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic locally and worldwide have led to accelerated efforts in the search for an effective vaccine. Positive news regarding the effectiveness of three vaccines, based on the results of the third phase of their clinical trials, spread hope. But the COVID-19 vaccine has raised many questions regarding its effectiveness and how it was manufactured in a short time without compromising safety, the expected timing of its distribution, the mechanism of its distribution, and the categories of people to be vaccinated,” the MoH said.


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