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Make your own Christmas decor

13 Dec 2020

Christmas is a time for family bonding. And this year, it assumes greater significance since people have been spending more time together with the family due to the pandemic and the spate of lockdowns and restrictions of movement in its wake. So, why not make the most of this extra time with some creative activity in the family?

Here are some simple festoons you can try making at home to add to your purchases of fancy items from the supermarket. They will add more warmth and meaning to the festivities around you this season. The idea is not to have the best that’s available at the store in your home, rather to recycle stuff along with your own creativity and create stunning festoons that have your very own touch. Use materials available at home and add a little stuff bought from the store to churn out magic.

Mason jar snow globe

Get a large jam or pickle jar to convert it into this amazing table décor. Fill the base of the jar with fluffed cotton-wool or white/coloured confetti. Place a little toy car or a doll in the centre along with a mini pine tree. Tie a ribbon along the rim of the bottle and add a bell or ball for effect. You can make several of these and place it at different spots in your home.

Painted Santa bottles

All you need are some old squash or ketchup bottles. Get some fabric or acrylic paints and paint them creatively – red or other colours. Add some decorations to the bottle with glue. To give the Santa effect, paint them red, add a black strip to resemble a belt, and a few shiny buttons using glue. You can tie some twine on the top and bottom to complete the look.

Snowman bottles
Get some fancy bottles, the fatter the better. Paint them white with acrylic paint and add buttons, a nose, as muffler and cap to create a snowman look. ` Remember, there are no rules, you can dress them up as you like and make them smile or frown.

Painted Christmas spoons

If you have a set of old spoons lying in your kitchen for years, as you simply prefer to use the newer ones, this is the time to elevate their status. Why let them lie idle? Give them a role this Christmas. Drape and dress them up with ribbons and stickers to create fancy faces and place them in a wide mouthed jar on your dining table to cheer up everyone around.

Upcycled sweater stockings

Turn some vintage Christmas sweatersinto delightful and unique stockings to hang during the holiday season. All you need is an old sweater, a stocking to use to trace out a template, and then some cutting and sewing skills. You can add designs or graffiti with wishes.

Christmas wreaths

There is something quintessentially Christmas about the Christmas wreath, and everyone need to create at least one to hang on the door or wall. The designs one can create for wreaths are countless, it all depends on your own imagination and creativity. Wreaths can be made in Christmas colours – red, green and gold, or any other colour theme to suit your own décor.

Glitter Candles

Glitter candles are the easiest to make. Just get candles of your choice – not the ones in glass tumblers. Then apply glue to the sides and sprinkle glitter powder on it. You may tie a coloured ribbon and affix a motif, too.

Eucalyptus mantle garland

Buy a length of artificial creepers – at least 2-3 metres long – and place it on your mantlepiece or a window sill. Add a few coloured balls or flowers to it and let it flow to the ground. You may also wrap it along a stairway railing within your home and place more decorations on it to add to the festive look.


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