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None of my business

9 Dec 2020

Just not superheroes and villains, everyone has – or would like to have – an alter ego to give vent to their wild dreams. If nothing, it helps take the mind off endless deadlines, commitments, cut-throat competition or just everyday banality


Up close & personal


NONE OF MY BUSINESS unveils people who make news as they’re prodded to reveal little known facets of themselves – everything not related to their work and profession.


Here is Marco Neukom, director of rooms, W Muscat up close and personal.


What were you doing 10 years ago at this particular time?

I was probably playing golf in Abu Dhabi.


Tell us a proverb in your mother tongue? 

Save a cent today, save a cent tomorrow, it will buy you today a beautiful hat.


Who said ‘Hasta la vista’?

Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator.


Windows or Apple?

Apple. Because it is handy, designer cool and trend-setting.


Prefer to dine or snap a picture with Jennifer Lopez?

Dine, definitely.


Best food you had in your worst state of mind?

When I bid farewell in one of my hotels, I had a fantastic fillet of Wellington. 

That really did not taste well because I was just full of sadness.


The worst excuse from your best employee? 

There are many, but the worst one is, perhaps also the most flat one, where the employee says that his car broke down yet he arrives at the hotel in his car.


Are aliens a threat to us?

No, I don’t think so. I believe that life exists and therefore aliens exist. And if they exist, I doubt they are as smart as us. 


Best food from your grandmother?

Potato-shaped croquette. 


Why do women wear heels? 

To pretend to look taller.



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