Friday, January 28
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Over 14,000 livestock vaccinated in Muscat

8 Dec 2020

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources has launched a livestock vaccination programme in Muscat governorate. It has so far been implemented in the wilayats of Seeb, Amerat and Bausher.

Describing the vaccination programme as an important one, an official in the ministry said, “It aims to immunise livestock, reduce infection and prevent common disease transmission between human beings and animals. The programme also aims to provide vaccination service to the largest number of livestock keepers to protect herds from epidemics, including plague, smallpox and foot-and-mouth disease that cause great economic losses for livestock farmers,” he explained. 

The vaccination programme will continue until the end of May 2021.

The ministry’s veterinary team has visited 190 breeders and vaccinated 11,186 goats, 3,394 sheep and 219 cattle, totalling 14,799 heads of livestock so far. 

The programme also includes a consultative team to educate livestock farmers on the importance of vaccinating their animals and maintaining sanitary conditions in animal sheds. 

“The vaccination plan for this year includes an electronic registration of livestock keepers with all relevant information required for follow-up consultation and continuous communication with them,” the ministry official said.


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