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Walk the TALK

7 Dec 2020

Walking helps us think by triggering areas of the brain responsible for focus and attention, and scientists suggest thinking is basically a series of steps. So, the longer you walk, the ‘deeper’ the thought. 

The actual physical act of walking can amplify and thereby perhaps enhance this mental process. That’s why Muscat Daily’s new series ‘Walk the Talk’ interviews newsmakers on the go – there is after all, a science behind walking and talking.


Walking and talking about…

Tariq Hilal al Barwani, IT expert and ethical hacker, Balqees al Hasani, president of Knowledge Oman, and Samir Messaoudi, general manager of Sheraton Oman Hotel, talk about life during and after COVID-19.



“Technology is like an enabler and we should use these tools and applications to stay connected. Making use of them at this time will surely keep us safe. But technology willdefinitely not replace human relationships.”


“Online teaching will make students more independent. It keeps students away from the normal routine and helps them to learn at their own pace. All classes are recorded and thus it becomes easier for students to learn. This will be the new norm.”


“I see the future as bright for the hotel industry in the country. Oman is known over the world for its natural beauty and hospitality. In the last few years, we have seen new hotels coming up at a steady pace. I see a positive future.”

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