Wednesday, September 22
06:47 AM

Flower sellers make hay while sun hides


As we all know, flowers and plants when nicely blended into a lovely garden, create blissfulness. Many plant lovers in Oman say this is the right time to approach sellers as cool weather prevails.

In the sultanate, keeping plants and flowers in soaring temperatures is extremely difficult and this is what makes it a seasonal business. Sellers say there is always a great demand for flowers and plants during winter. 

In reality, it is a win-win situation for both sellers, who are looking forward to a spike in sales, and also for buyers, who are longing for something beautiful to keep them busy during winter.

“This is a great time to make money. We are usually very busy when summer ends as we are trying to nurture seedlings, and various other plants. Even though we are in business all year round, demand is high in winter which lasts about three months,” Aslam Mohammad, a plant seller in Seeb, told Muscat Daily.

He added that no matter how much effort they put in, it is not always easy to keep plants and flowers lively during summer. 

“It is not easy for us to fight nature as high temperatures burn and destroy what we grow,” Mohammad added.

M Jamal, an attendant of a nursery in Amerat, said they are happy now that more and more people are visiting them looking for plants. “Our sales are limited during summer as very few customers visit us. On the one hand, they just can’t stand here in the heat and, on the other, whatever they buy they run the risk of losing it,” he said.

Seasonal plants like petunia are in high demand now, he said.

“Petunia is the most affordable seed we stock. It’s the most sought after, too, because of its quick growth and very bright colours. They come in velvet, pink, blue, red, white and other colours. Petunia makes one’s garden look colourful and attractive,” Jamal added.

Saada al Naamani, a homemaker who tries hard to maintain her garden even in summer, said maintaining a garden is not something that can easily be done in Oman. 

“You have to be ready to spend more on plants that you very well know will die off as soon as the temperature soars.”

She added, “That is why we always wait for cool weather. I don’t normally regret spending when I notice how beautiful the flowers are. It is worth the effort.”

Some feel that flowers and plants relieve stress and refresh the mind. 

“When the mind sees beautiful things, it also thinks beautifully,” said Asilah Mohammed Hassan from Amerat. 

“This is the reason why I put in much effort on my plants and flowers. I’m happy that the season for such activities is on and I have already prepared my flower beds.” 

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