Thursday, September 16
02:25 PM

Parents, owners, staff hail nurseries reopening


Following the approval of the Supreme Committee in charge of dealing with COVID-19, the government announced the seventh package of activities to be opened. These activities, among other things, include opening of nurseries and kindergartens.

Parents, nursery owners, staff and employees have hailed their reopening.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Hamad al Rahili, chief executive officer of Assafwah Schools Group, said, “The decision came at the appropriate time because all government employees will be at full attendance at offices from Sunday, December 6.”

The decision will help parents place their children in nurseries and send them to learn in kindergarten, he said. 

“The decision will also relieve the pressure on the parents because it will allow their children to learn while they are working. Four year old children need to learn many things that they have missed over the past months due to the coronavirus outbreak.”

He added, “Many kindergarten employees didn’t work for a long time and have struggled financially due to the nursery closures. And kindergartens are prepared to receive children by adhering to health measures and decisions of the Supreme Committee, such as providing sterilisers and setting health guidelines in every place within the learning areas.”

Sultan al Rawahi, a father of two children, said, “I am very happy with the decision to reopen nurseries. I was hoping that nurseries would open before the decision to open schools for the new academic year 2020/21 because nurseries teach our children a lot of things, especially in light of the spread of COVID-19. 

“The nursery will have a great role in teaching our young children to adhere to preventive measures such as using sterilisers, wearing masks and social distancing.”

Ali al Shyadi, a teacher, said the decision is excellent because it will help parents. 

“Now children will be supervised by educational officials in nurseries and kindergartens.  Nurseries will provide support and psychological stability for parents who can work without fear because their children are in a safe place.”

Zaayma Saleh Mohammed al Azri, owner of a nursery, said, “We are happy with the decision of the Supreme Committee to reopen nurseries after around nine months of closure. We faced many financial challenges due to the closure.

“We will strictly adhere to the health guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the procedures of the Ministry of Social Development.”

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