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Leadership programme starts orientation for 250 participants

1 Dec 2020

The National Leadership Programme to Upskill and Empower the Potential Omanis for Middle and Senior Management Positions in the Private Sector ‘Etimad’ is preparing to receive the second group of the first batch of Omani leaders. 

Through a virtual platform, Etimad has announced the start of the orientation programme with around 250 participants from various private sector companies in preparation for the start of their training.

The session provided them with the objectives of the training programme and instructions related to the training process. It also informed the participants of the importance of the programme that contains classroom and practical activities, e-learning in addition to the Action Learning Projects, to be applied to targeted sectors. It also explained the timeline leading to the participants’ graduation.

The Etimad programme, in collaboration with Takatuf Oman, seeks to recruit the best coaches from the Centre for Creative Leadership (CCL) in the US, to receive global expertise and activate the principles of effective leadership and best practice in leadership.

The centre is specialised in the development of leadership skills. Among the top ten institutions in the world for executive education according to the Financial Times, the centre has worked in more than 160 countries around the world. 

The trainers conduct various sessions of classroom training, professional orientation and interaction through online platforms.

Etimad aims to qualify and refine the leadership skills of the private sector employees, and enable them to choose the best and most suitable leadership positions in private sector facilities. This results in a qualitative shift in stimulating the growth of the labour market and the development of national leadership competencies.

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