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Over 19,000 expats register between Nov 15-26 to leave

29 Nov 2020

The Ministry of Labour received 19,527 requests, during the period from November 15 to 26, from expatriates who wish to leave the country for good without paying any fines or fees.

Of these, 8,517 expatriates have left their jobs, 966 have no work permits and 463 had their work permit cancelled. A total of 9,581 of those wanting to leave had still active work permits.

Also, from the 19,527 requests, 164 were with family visas, 136 family joining visas, 418 visit visas, 34 tourist visas, 18,601 work visas, and 174 with no documents.

Expatriates can register till December 31 at the Ministry of Labour’s website (

The ministry said it would exempt employers and expatriate workers from all fees and fines registered against them for overstaying the residency period as a result of expiring residency cards and passports, provided they leave the sultanate between November 15 and December 31. 

According to the ministry, this is in line with a decision by the Supreme Committee tasked with addressing developments resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ministry informed that migrant workers whose passports have expired can go to their embassies to renew their travel documents and then visit the Ministry of Labour office at Muscat International Airport to finalise the departure procedures.

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