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Throw trash in the bin, not outside or near it

28 Nov 2020

A lot has been said about the improper use of waste bins in and around Muscat in recent times. 

Muscat Daily has also launched a campaign – Bitter About Litter – to raise awareness among the public. Despite all of this, instead of the proper use of the facilities provided with considerable amount of money, effort and time, it’s disappointing to see the response of some irresponsible people.

The accompanying photograph was taken in Darsait, clearly showing how irresponsibly waste is  thrown around waste bins. The act is certainly an insult to various awareness initiatives by authorities, the media as well as individuals. But some people are the least bothered. 

At other places on the same stretch of this road, several bins were found empty. Trash was left in open places near residential buildings.

I would like to repeat the same questions here – what can be done? When will we learn?

Ramachandran Nair


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