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28 Nov 2020 By HUBERT VAZ

Shalini Kumar, is not an artist. She is an Indian maverick who uses art as a medium to convey multiple aspects of her creativity which doesn’t seem to find any corner to coagulate, to give a concrete description of her flair.

Besides wielding the paintbrush, Shalini also romances the microphone and is involved in varied activity, like reciting her own poems, conducting laughter yoga sessions, rallying with like-minded persons for social causes, holding art workshops and mosaic classes, and more such initiatives which give her a unique sense of fulfillment.

Her home at ASAS apartments, in Qurm, is a museum of sorts. Right from the name plate on the door, which is a self-created mosaic, to different table and wall décor, you see fascinating impressions of her art everywhere. And, it all stems from he studio in one of her rooms which is a storehouse of her creativity in diverse forms.

Having travelled around the world, including two stints in Oman, (since her husband is a petroleum engineer, currently working as a project manager in Petroleum Development Oman), Shalini also spends a lot of time in her son’s home in the US, which is also teeming with her art.

Bright in academics early in life, Shalini took to art in a big way, even while pursuing her PhD, and currently she is involved in multiple activity of teaching various art forms that she has excelled in, especially her skill with mosaic artworks. One can see a variety of mosaics in her home done on corner tables, mirror frames, tea-coasters, photo-frames, etc, while everywall in every room is adorned with her acrylic paintings that reflect her comfort with different concepts.

If art exists in her every breath, it has also spilled over to her family members. Shalini’s husband and two sons have also done many paintings, and they have created a collage of four paintings that occupies a prominent space in their living room.

“Art is a big part of my life and it represents my own personality. Art is something that is within. When I was doing my doctorate in economics, I never imagined I would one day become an artist. But eleven years go I took up art in a big way and there was no turning back,” says Shalini who also loves anchoring programmes as well as sports like golf, tennis, swimming to spend her leisure hours in a fulfilling manner.


The Dream

This abstract painting was done during an art workshop at the National Museum of Oman this year, a challenge to paint on a red canvas using Arabic fonts and inspiration from artefacts at the museum.



This painting representing a tree is split across seven canvasses and bears a message of environment conservation in order to foster a healthy surrounding that is devoid of diseases.



These mosaics on a corner table, a mirror, a photo-frame and tea-coasters indicate Shalini’s skill with creating mosaics with pieces of coloured tiles – a technically as well as artistically demanding task.


Prosperous Oman

This painting is an abstract representation of Oman as a country endowed with natural beauty. The colours used stand for the blue waters, the greenery, and the varied terrain which harmoniously convey a prosperous environment.

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