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New law provides more powers to municipal councils, helps create job opportunities

28 Nov 2020

A recently issued Royal Decree (No 126/2020) on the Municipal Councils Law has granted a new set of powers to local councils which will put focus on the governorates to excel and develop further.

With the new law, municipal councils will be able to create job opportunities for Omanis, propose ways for investment in the governorates as well as have a say in a variety of other regulatory measures. 

The municipal councils will be able to amend the municipality fees and give approval for the establishment of entertainment and tourism festivals. They can also draw up regulations for monitoring stray animals after coordinating with the relevant authorities, propose regulations for taxis and means of public transport, as well as propose  regulations for managing and organising markets and slaughterhouses and landfills without prejudice to the remits of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources regarding the management of fish markets. The municipal councils will be able to study draft development plans which fall within the scope of the respective governorate, as well as suggest development plans for it.

The municipal councils, in accordance with the law, will take part in identifying the requirements for public utilities and government services of their respective governorates. 

They can also devise recommendations regarding public health and participate with relevant authorities to identify the public interest in the developmental projects as per the conditions set forth by the law of expropriation for the public benefit. The municipal councils will be able to introduce programmes that help orphans, people with disabilities and families with limited income, in coordination with the concerned authorities.

The Royal Decree was issued on November 12, coming into force the following day after its publication in the Official Gazette.

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