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Worldwide Italian cuisine week begins

23 Nov 2020

The Embassy of Italy in Muscat has joined the world in celebrating the fifth edition of ‘The Italian Cuisine Week in the World’ which is being held from November 23 to 29. 

The event is being held under the theme ‘Knowledge and flavours of Italian lands, 200 years after the birth of Pellegrino Artusi’. It is an initiative promoted each year by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and aims at raising awareness of Italy’s culture and tradition of gastronomy and focus on quality.

“The Italian Cuisine Week in the World is an opportunity to celebrate the variety and authenticity of Italian cuisine and reach the general public of the sultanate at a time when precautionary measures do not allow convivial events and live tastings,” said H E Federica Favi, Ambassador of Italy in Muscat. 

“We want to take Italy directly to the homes of our Omani friends at this difficult time when the pandemic prevents us from moving around and travelling. We are sure to entice them to visit Italy as soon as possible.”

The pandemic does not stop the promotion of Italian cuisine in Oman, and therefore, the Embassy of Italy in Muscat is offering till November 29 a course of seven online lessons with the Italian Chef Alessandro Battisti on traditional Italian recipes that can be followed free of charge in English and Arabic by the general public of the sultanate. 

“We want to share with our Omani friends the importance of the quality of the ingredients, a fundamental element of a cuisine that aims to enhance the individual flavours,” said Chef Battisti.

He added, “Traditional recipes tell us how from a few elements, all very fresh, you can create dishes able to satisfy every palate in the name of a healthy and balanced diet like the Mediterranean one, embedded in the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.”

Italian food lovers will be able to shop the most authentic Italian products in town at Carrefour in Qurm City Centre. 

This year’s edition also celebrates the 200th anniversary of the great gastronome Pellegrino Artusi (1820-1911), who is considered the father of Italian cuisine. His masterpiece Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well, published in 1891, is a collection of traditional recipes from all the regions of Italy which highlighted the variety of preparations, ingredients and traditions of the country. 

The week also gives an opportunity to highlight the importance of consumers’ information and the role of labelling in helping people choose a sustainable lifestyle.

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