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Pandora’s box

23 Nov 2020

The whole world is following the events in the US. How will this administration accept to leave and at what cost for the people in the US? The most powerful country seems to be divided. How will it be possible to co-exist with so different opinions?

Pandora’s box is an artefact in Greek mythology connected with the myth of Pandora in Hesiod’s Works and Days. In modern times, an idiom has grown from its meaning: ‘Any source of great and unexpected troubles’, or alternatively ‘A present which seems valuable but which in reality is a curse’.

As the world follows day by day the events in the US, it is astonishing that all other countries are holding back any decision and waiting to see what will happen in the US. Are we so much dependent on the results of an election in the North American continent? 

Yes, the dollar is currently the most important currency in the world. Yes, the US is seen as a superpower and yes, it has an influence over what others are doing to a certain limit. 

The new superpowers, replacing those of 1948, are now China, India and the European Union. Others, like Turkey are dreaming of becoming a new Ottoman superpower, but no matter which ones will lead, each country needs to be in charge of its own destiny. Yes, we live in a global world, but our destinies are our own. Suddenly with the information coming from the US, the world discovers that even in the US, people are divided and wish opposite things. Isn’t it time for us to make our own decisions and care for our people, rather than holding our breath to see how it evolves on the other side of the world? 

It is true that we all live in the same world and our interests should be those which are shared by others as well. This applies to climate control, to security, to global heath, etc, but we should also have our own personalities. The world is different in Asia compared to Europe, and Latin America is very different from Russia and yet we share similar values. Depending on the future of one single nation is wrong and in particular when in that country there are two incompatible parties. 

The world is different today, and the sooner we realise that our future is in our own hands and not in the hands of those far away from us, the sooner we will understand the path towards our own better world.

Superpowers come and go. We just need to look back at history. What happened to the Roman Empire? What about the superpower of Hitler’s Germany? Not to mention the Persians and the Egyptians or the Mongols. Those who survived, are those who managed to look at their own country with their local interests first. 

Our dependence on others is a necessity but not a priority. Our people matter more than our financial priorities.

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