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Is there a need of a medical insurance for COVID-19?

23 Nov 2020

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. Muscat Daily’s video series ‘Explained’ analyses current issues and fact checks dubious social media buzz. The series also puts readers’ questions to experts in the related fields, who explain their point of view

Expert’s view

In this edition, Dr J Retnakumar, an insurance expert, ‘Explained’ the changing dynamics of the insurance industry when dealing with a pandemic like COVID-19. Dr Retnakumar is optimistic that having an insurance cover will safeguard the interests of many during such a crisis.



“Pandemics are normally excluded from medical insurance contracts. However, considering the difficulties and challenges faced by the public, the Government of Oman has advised insurance companies to cover pandemics also under medical policies. So they are now covered under certain guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health. The treatment cost will also be as per the guidelines issued by the ministry.”

Watch this ‘Explained’ video here

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