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Muscat receives first Air Arabia Abu Dhabi flight; bi-weekly service on offer

16 Nov 2020

With a traditional water salute, Muscat International Airport celebrated the first flight of Air Arabia Abu Dhabi, which will operate bi-weekly flights on Monday and Friday between Muscat and Abu Dhabi.

The inaugural flight, an Airbus 320, arrived on Monday at 7.45am and was greeted by a group of executives of Oman Airports, Muscat International Airport and representatives of UAE’s airlines at Muscat International Airport. The flight departed at 8.45am.

As per a statement, the inauguration of Air Arabia Abu Dhabi flights comes in response to the increasing demand for business and tourism flights between Oman and UAE, as well as to further strengthen the development of air transport between the two countries.

Saud Nasser al Hubaishi, vice president of Muscat International Airport, said, “The launch of Air Arabia Abu Dhabi flights to Muscat International Airport comes as part of Oman Airports’ ongoing efforts to boost business and tourism traffic between Oman and the world through direct flights. This reflects the efforts that Oman Airports has been making to promote tourist and economic exchange between the sultanate and the neighbouring countries, as well as various other countries across the globe, considering that businessmen and tourists are more likely to visit the country more frequently with the option of direct flights being available.”

Hubaishi further noted that since the resumption of operations in October, Oman Airports is focused on attracting regional and international flights to Oman’s airports, given the significant position Muscat International Airport has among the world’s airports after receiving the global airport health accreditation certificate, in recognition of the quality of the services provided for both airlines and travellers.

In view of the global pandemic, precautionary measures followed at Muscat International Airport are in line with the best international standards adopted and an indication of the extent of Oman airports’ commitment to applying health and safety measures according to the highest international standards.

Air Arabia Abu Dhabi, the first low-cost economy airline based in the UAE capital, launched its first flight in mid-July from Egypt.


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