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Walk the TALK

14 Nov 2020

Walking helps us think by triggering areas of the brain responsible for focus and attention, and scientists suggest thinking is basically a series of steps. So, the longer you walk, the ‘deeper’ the thought. The actual physical act of walking can amplify and thereby perhaps enhance this mental process. It’s why Muscat Daily’s new series ‘Walk the Talk’ interviews newsmakers on the go – there is after all, a science behind walking and talking 

Walking and talking about…

P Chandrasekr, group general manager of Jawad Sultan Group, delves in detail into the impact of COVID-19 on businesses, the new reality of working from home and more.

“It is a very complex situation. The world has not actually understood it. There is panic. COVID-19 has denied many people around the world their livelihood and companies don’t know what sort of relief they can provide. 


“But there is a silver lining to it. Working from home is the new norm. It has shown new potential, a new mantra and a new idea to start something afresh. You don’t have to be confined to an office with four cubicles. You can work for five different people from your home,” says Chandrasekr.

View the full interview of this episode of WALK THE TALK 



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