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Al Nahdha Hospital launches unique clinical nutrition website

14 Nov 2020

Al Nahdha Hospital, represented by the Clinical Dietary Department, launched on Thursday a first-of-its-kind clinical nutrition website that was designed by the department to keep pace with the developments in the field of clinical nutrition. 

The launch was held virtually under the auspices of Sayyid Dr Sultan Yarub al Busaidi, advisor for health affairs in the Ministry of Health, with a number of officials in attendance. 

The website offers a simplified description of clinical nutrition specialty and elaborates on the tasks of clinical nutritionists at the referral hospitals. The website also educates both medical and administrative cadres on the most common diseases in Oman and the proper approach to manage such diseases.

Dr Eman al Hinai, head of Clinical Dietary Department of Al Nahdha Hospital, stressed that clinical nutrition is one of the basic pillars in the treatment of many diseases and sometimes is the only method of treatment for certain health conditions.

Dr Hinai elaborated that the food intake contributes largely to either enhancing the health aspects, or causing several diseases. Thus, clinical nutrition is an applied medical practice that involves the provision of a balanced diet that prevents some medical disorders such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, renal/kidney conditions and some forms of cancer.

The launching of the website is in line with the celebration of World Food Day, which aims to maintain the health of patients and upgrad the quality of healthcare by promoting awareness and knowledge of patients on disease related malnutrition.

Dr Hinai pointed out that the proper clinical nutrition system varies from one person to another. It can be determined by a specialist in the field after administering the required examinations. 

Healthy nutrition is vital in having a healthy illness-free body that can function properly. Good diet improves human beings’ physiological health and mood resulting for stress and pressure.

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