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None of my business

11 Nov 2020

Just not superheroes and villains, everyone has – or would like to have – an alter ego to give vent to their wild dreams. If nothing, it helps take the mind off endless deadlines, commitments, cut-throat competition or just everyday banality up close & personal


‘NONE OF MY BUSINESS’ unveils people who make news as they’re prodded to reveal little known facets of themselves – everything not related to their work and profession. 

Here is Samir Messaoudi, the newly appointed general manager of Sheraton Oman Hotel, up close and personal.

Are sunglasses better than sunscreen lotion?

I prefer sunglasses as they are cool and you can look wherever you want to look.


Why would you prefer a spoon to a fork?

Because a spoon can hold more, nothing falls out. Also it has that curve. 


Why are smartphones called smart?

Because you can use your phone for many things – write messages, take pictures, make videos…


Four lines of your favourite song?

I am no good with songs but ok, ‘Happy Birthday to you…’


Name a character you would like to play in a movie

I would love to play a good guy, one everyone loves. 


If not a hotelier, what would you be – a golfer or a bass guitarist? 

I would prefer to be a photographer. 


What is your favourite dish made by your grandmother? 

I love her Tunisian style spaghetti with harees. 


Best advice from your worst boss? 

I never had bad bosses, always good mentors. I always took the good from them and used them in my life. I am sure they all see it in me now. 


What happens when you fall down? 

I get up slowly, not quickly. I will take time to check if everything is okay, nothing is broken and everything is in the right place. I will get up the right way. 

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