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Make your own Diwali décor

9 Nov 2020

Diwali décor can add more life to your celebration if you choose to create  it yourself, rather than buy it from the market. This way you can boost your creativity and have your own customised décor rather than putting up what everyone else has on display. It also reflects the real spirit behind the celebration which comes from within oneself. Involve all family members and rev up the celebratory mood at home. Here are some ideas, though the possibilities are endless:

Decorated tealight candles

Tealight candles have now become synonymous with Diwali décor because of their sheer convenience and being a non-messy alternative to oil in lamps. People place tealights in decorated tumblers as well as traditional diyas instea of using oil with wicks. To make your tealights look trendy by themselves, simply tape decorative gift tape around the sides to give them a fancy look. 

Candle in a jar

This one is very popular recently. Apart from looking great, they ar safer and cannot be easily tampered with by young chidren. Take any empty household jars or buy a set from the market. Wrap them with laces, ribbons, or yarns, and place your candle and its holder inside. If you want to avoid fabric wraps, simply paint colourful designs on the jars. Once you  light the candle inside, your creativity will be evident.

Paper bag luminaries

These are great to add a warm ambience in your home. Take brown paper bags and punch holes in them in patterns or fancy shapes. You can use needles or anything suitable to easily create holes in the paper. Place battery operated modern lamps inside instead of candles to avoid fires. Place them as table décor or by the window in a row or in different locations in your balcony, or lawn. Make sure to secure the base of the bag with a weight to avoid it getting blown over by breeze.

Hand painted diyas

Diyas bring in the real spirit of Diwali and this can be enhanced if you paint your own diyas with simple designs. Buy plain diyas, and use acrylic paints to decorate them. You can also use glue and sequins/beads to embellish your diyas instead of painting them. Have your own theme shades everyday or for different rooms and locations in your home.

Crepe paper Torans

This is a simple decoration to replace the traditional decoration of a string of mango leaves interspersed with marigold flowers which is usually hung over the doors at houses for Dassera and Diwali. To make it, choose coloured crepe paper of your choice and cut them up in long strips or get readymade crep paper strips. Using a long thread and needle, thread through the centre of the strip with 2 cm long stitches. Then, hold the open end of the string and slowly push the crepe paper downwards till you get a garland effect of shorter length. Now add more strips to this length and make more such garlands of varying lengths. Assemble these in a formation on the top strip of an old calendar or use these strung garlands as they are over your doorposts. Use your own creativity to cut the strips with fancy edges to give good effect to your torans. You can twirl the tissue to look like marigold flowers and add bells or balls at the ends to keep them hanging vertical.

Easy-to-do Rangolis

If you are not creatively gifted and want to prepare rangolis without much effort, here is an easy way to make rangolis using ‘stencils’ that you have at home. Place bangles of different sizes in a pattern of your choice, then fill them with small heaps of coloured powder with a paper cone with a hole at one end or using an empty water bottle. Don’t try to straighten the heaps. Now use a fork or the handle end of a spoon to pull the heaps towards the centre of your design to create similar patterns on each. You may also use your forefinger tip, a comb or a spatula to create your own designs.

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