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Unsung Heroes: Zahra Abdulla al Harmali

2 Nov 2020

Oman Woman of the Year 2020

Zahra Abdullah Salim al Harmali, a trained therapist in different areas of drug addiction and mood change, who also holds professional degrees from Cairo University, is also a trained acupuncturist and a certified yoga trainer. Founder of Shuroq Al-Amal Al-Alamia, a centre that provides drug rehabilitation for addicts in Oman, Zahra had extensively worked as a volunteer for various social welfare organisations, including the Al Hayat

Association for counseling parents of young addicts in Oman and arranging for treatment for them outside Oman.

With valuable experience in this field, Zahra is credited for founding the first private Rehab Centre in Oman in March 2015. She considers this as one of her biggest achievements not only for the services she offers but also for making it stay afloat till date despite a series of challenges including a financial crunch for running it as a non-profit organisation.

Besides treating drug addicts and helping them recover and get on with life with renewed confidence, Zahra also counsels their family members to ease their burden as well as equip them with the skills required to provide support and succour to the victims of this social menace. In this regard, she has saved many marriages from falling apart, enabled many addicts to clear their debts and be rid of jail sentences, as well as helped many find suitable employment, too.

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