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Marketing: Donatella Donatelli

2 Nov 2020

Oman Woman of the Year 2020

Communication, Mercedes-Benz Oman, is a wizard in marketing strategies and communication campaigns who has taken her company from strength to strength by sheer dedication, planning and a never-say-die attitude.

Holding a Master’s degree in International Affairs from the Institute of International Political Studies of Milan, a degree in Political Science, a postgraduate diploma in Public International Law from The Hague Academy of International Law and on European Union’s Institutions and Politics from the Institute of European Studies Alcide De Gasperi of Rome, Donatella is equipped with what it takes to further her business pursuits with ease.

In Mercedes-Benz Oman, Donatella successfully developed above and below the line marketing strategies and consumer tactical campaigns whilst skillfully introducing very effective digital campaigns and engaging social media platforms. Her achievements have been recognised by the Mercedes-Benz regional office in Dubai, winning Best Social Media Activation, Best After-Sales Marketing, Best Mercedes-Benz Customer Experience Activation, Best Mercedes-Benz Accessories & Collection Market Awards. She has also developed campaigns that are now used as best practice across not only the Middle East, but also in global Daimler communications.

Donatella has also developed and implemented an inbound and outbound CRM department which has proved to be a huge support function to the operational departments and has streamlined the customer experience and made the customer communication process more efficient.

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