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Education: Chithra Narayan

2 Nov 2020

Oman Woman of the Year 2020

Chithra Narayan, who began her journey in the field of education as a director in Gulf Nursery in 1993, which later became Middle East Nursery, believes that inculcating the right value system in young minds at an early age is crucial towards the formation of sincere and conscientious individuals.

Working with young children from at least from ten nationalities in Oman for nearly three decades, Chithra proudly proclaims that her medium of instruction is ‘love’.

Apart from dedicating her entire life towards education f young children in Oman, Chithra has authored many books, including one titled – HM Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al Said – A Far Sighted Statesman, which was released by the Ministry of Information in 2012.

She has also won many awards and citations and has participated in numerous charitable and social welfare initiatives in India and Oman.

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