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Seedlings given as part of national drive

31 Oct 2020 By MOHAMMED TAHA

Commemorating Omani Tree Day observed on October 31, Omani Sidr Association is conducting an initiative called ‘Plant Omani tree at home’. 

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Saud al Yazidi, a member of the association, said as part of the initiative, they are distributing about 700 seedlings of wild Omani trees such as sidr and al ghaf for free.

The initiative will run until November 14, he said.

The association has set in place conditions for people who want to obtain seedlings.

“A person will be given one seedling and he must receive it from the distribution site. 

He should be prepared to take proper care of the tree by watering, fertilising and pruning it,” Yazidi said. 

The association hopes to stay in touch with the person to follow up on the growth of the seedling. The person should also send pictures of the tree to the association.

People who want seedlings need to register at

The association was founded in 2017 and  has over 300 members in various wilayats of the sultanate who have distributed 1mn seeds and planted 30,000 saplings of wild trees, Yazidi said.

“Omani Sidr Association aims to support afforestation, protect indigenous trees and establish nurseries to grow wild tree saplings.”

In keeping with its conservation efforts, the association raises awareness on recycling domestic wastewater for use in agriculture. 

“We cooperate with government entities such as Environment Authority, the National Field Research Centre for Environmental Conservation at the Diwan of Royal Court, and Haya Water to plant saplings. I urge Omani youth to join us and participate in green Oman initiatives. We are striving to support the Environment Authority in completing its project to plant 10mn wild trees,” Yazidi said.

Meanwhile, an official at the Environment Authority said it distributed 50 seedlings on Wednesday as part of the national initiative to plant 10mn trees.


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