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Cute cuts for li’l boys

26 Oct 2020

While women and girls love to do the rounds of the beauty parlour and hair dressers to get their favourite hair treatment and hairstyles, especially for an occasion, they could also extend the same enthusiasm towards their little sons or brothers. There is so much you can do with little boys hair to make them look cuter than they are.

There a huge variety of hairstyles only for little boys but only some people go for it. There could be many reasons, from non cooperation from the little star to non-acceptance in school. However, if they are on an extended holiday, especially during this time of the pandemic when schools are closed and children are home, how about going for a nice, stylish haircut for your little one?

2020 has a range of cool haircuts for little boys (also suitable for teenagers), and with barber shops and salons now open, add a little style to your bundle of joy to make him truly adorable.

Short Mohawk

The mohawk is traditionally an intense punk style with shaved sides and long pointy spikes. Mohawk hairstyles for kids more closely resemble a faux hawk. This style is  timeless and trendy and it can be done in a variety of ways.

Sharp fade

A freshly cut-in spray-paint effect always makes a boy look trim. A sharp fade gives an even more classic look. From Becks to Bieber, Drake to Zayn, this cut always win fans for its versatility. 

Textured spike

Spiky hair which became popular in the 90s is now back. A textured spike is one of the cutest ways to style a spiky haircut. You don’t need to gel this spiky style, the messy textured version has its own natural charm.

Skin fade

The skin fade is particularly unique because it stands out. The contrast of shaved sides and a fuller head of hair instantly grabs attention. A skin fade is achieved by cutting the hair shorter and shorter as it moves toward the neck. 

Curly fade

Short curly hairstyles are very popular because they are easy to work with. The best short haircuts for boys with curly hair often start with a fade or undercut on the sides and short curls on top. A crew cut can be good for short curly hair.

Cool combover

The comb over is a classic look, but by adding a fade, you can make it look more trendy. This style oversees a hard feature line accentuating where your hair parts. It can be done for short hair as well as form a puff for longer hair.

Afro trim

For boys with thick growth of hair, an Afro trim is the best solution. Adding a fade or keeping it extremely short above the neck is an excellent option to make it look smart. A mini Afro with short sides is also perfect.

Aspect half coiffure

A half haircut is suitable for most boys with manageable that can be oiled or left dry. It is an old traditional style, very easy to cut and always popular. Hollywood actors like Henry Cavill, Liam Hemsworth aways wore this style.

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