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OCA’s Yuthar feted by Barakath al Noor Clinic

21 Oct 2020

On the occasion of the 12th anniversary of Barakath al Noor Clinic and 11th Omani Women’s Day, the health clinic felicitated Yuthar al Rawahy, founder and honorary president of the Oman Cancer Association (OCA).

Yuthar fought and won against four cancers and after the success she dedicated herself to advocating for cancer patients and their empowerment. She draws inspiration from humanitarian leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa.

In remarks to Muscat Daily, Yuthar said, “Honouring me means honouring the whole team that is working for this good cause. Barakath al Noor Clinic under Dr Rajyashree has been very supportive of our endeavours. We all need to be safe and take care of ourselves, and creating more awareness towards cancer is very important.”

Yuthar’s conviction and belief is that if one strongly believes in anything with focus, honesty, love and passion, everything is possible. 

“Yuthar has been an inspiration to many ladies and is a role model for those who want to dedicate their life to a cause, with complete dedication and compassion,” said Dr Rajyashree N Kutty, director and specialist surgeon, Barakath al Noor Clinic.

“We chose Yuthar because she is a role model. She is a real fighter who came to the world to impart knowledge about cancer. She has helped a lot of women in this regard. She supports ladies affected with cancer and encourages them for regular check-ups including regular repeated self breast examination that helps early detection, diagnosis and cure,” she added.

Dr Rajyashree said Yuthar started the MMU (Mobile Mammography Unit) that screens women over 40 years of age. Apart from this, there are other projects under OCA including the Dar al Hanan, a home away from home for children with cancer, and a walkathon in October which is dedicated to breast cancer awareness. 

Yuthar was a member of the State Council and was conferred several prestigious awards by the Late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos. She was also awarded with Oman Woman of the Year 2019 Award for Lifetime Achievement. 

In her endeavours, Yuthar is supported by her husband, Dr Wahid al Kharousi, chairman of OCA, and her children.


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