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Women to the fore

17 Oct 2020

The sultanate observed Omani Women’s Day – the 11th edition – on October 17. The day marks the prominent status accorded to women during the Blessed Renaissance and also celebrates the welfare programmes for them which ensured the advancement of their status and enthusiastic participation alongside men in nation building. Prominent women spoke with Muscat Daily on the occasion: 

Honourable Lujaina Mohsin Darwish

Member of State Council and joint deputy chairperson of Mohsin Haider Darwish 

I would like to congratulate all Omani women on this special day when they are celebrated not only for their achievements but also for all their attributes. I would like to thank His Majesty the Sultan for dedicating a day in recognition of the women of Oman. Every woman contributing to the country’s success is a pioneer of a healthy work-life balance, proving that they are indeed superwomen. Success in life is determined by what you do every single day; it can be something as simple as a smile or a kind word with which you put your best foot forward. I feel that when you work hard and care about people, you tend to set an example for others. Women are determined to achieve success as we are hard workers by nature and this is what stands out.

Rumaitha al Busaidi

Board director of Environment Society of Oman

Over the years, I have had some harsh words thrown at me from a whole range of people, some of whom I knew and others who I didn’t know at all. While such comments did bring me down, my advice to you is to stop caring about what people think and start making decisions for yourself. Have confidence in your vision, and don’t let anyone burst your ambitious bubble. 

On this Omani Women’s Day, let’s reclaim our thunder and realise the power of our voice. Let’s all come together to support one another; fixing each other’s crowns without telling the world it was crooked. We have all been questioned, doubted, told we aren’t good enough. So let’s work hand-in-hand to prove for once and for all that we can do what we set our minds on and shatter the glass ceiling together.

Fawziya Abdulhadi Abdulaziz al Lawati

Lubricant supply chain manager at Shell Oman Marketing Company

Wish you all a very happy Omani Women’s Day. I truly believe that women make the most inspiring managers because they manage different things all the time all their lives. They are amazing when performing both tasks, and in fact two shifts, as mothers and managers. They still never give up because they are born to multitask. 

An Omani woman should think that she is unique, believe in herself, be strong, dream big, follow her plans and most importantly, be determined. She should never doubt that she is valuable, powerful and deserving of every opportunity in this world to achieve her big dreams.

Dr Suad Mohammed al Mudhaffar

Life coach and business adviser 

We are at the half-century mark of the Blessed Renaissance, and I have seen the growth and development of the second generation of Omani women who are energetic and have taken on the responsibility of working for an honourable Omani society. I have witnessed firsthand the rapid development of Omani women and their continuous improvement is praiseworthy. 

I developed and grew together with our women and if I hadn’t come to Oman those many years ago, I would have never had such an experience.

The Late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos opened the door for education and working opportunities for all women. I believe the successor to the throne, His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik also extends support to women’s development and I hope he will continually support our achievements. We as women should get together and use our intellectual power to pass this difficult time and help develop our beloved country for the coming new century.

Shatha Abdul Majeed Issa al Zadjali

Go-kart racer 

This year has been exceptionally challenging for us all with the loss of a great leader and the global pandemic which have made us re-evaluate our stance on every aspect of humanity and development. However, this year also brings us hope, promise and fulfilment for generations to come under the guidance of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik by carrying on the legacy of the Late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, may Allah grant his soul eternal peace, who put women at the forefront of socio-political and economic development of Oman and paved the path for women to lead in higher positions of government and other organisations. The recent appointments and Royal Decrees further solidify His Majesty Sultan Haitham’s vision to uphold the Late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos’ status granted to women. We must empower each other and those around us in building and shaping communities, moulding the minds of the leaders of tomorrow and contributing to the social and economic growth of the sultanate. We have witnessed incredible transformations in the role of women in Oman and look forward to many more advancements and accomplishments as the people of the country stand strong as a united front for a prosperous and bright future.

Wafa bint Ali al Amriyah

Chairperson of Omani Women’s Association, Seeb

Almighty Allah endowed Oman with women’s empowerment during the Late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said’s Blessed Renaissance. Women could act as partners with men across sectors that fits with nature, abilities and skills.

Therefore, this day assumes great significance for every Omani woman because it makes them feel recognised. It is an incentive to exert more efforts to work for the progress of their country. It renews women’s sense of responsibility towards their families and their society because the one who gave them confidence expects them to be responsible and worthy of realising what is expected of them.

Women in Oman are keen to have legal and social awareness to protect their rights and ensure a balanced life. Women are expected to focus on religious aspects too to lead a sound life based on the principles of decent living. In this way, women can become a shield for the nation that secures the future of coming generations.

Wadha bint Salim al Alawiyah

Director of Women’s Affairs at Ministry of Social Development

Nations move forward through the contribution of individuals. Development without discrimination of women constitutes a basic pillar of progress. Women’s role is undeniable in contributing to various social, economic and cultural aspects. This day is recognition of the significant potential of women and their role in society. Their potential has been enhanced with a set of laws that grant them their deserved rights to enable them to shoulder their responsibility in sustainable development.

The establishment of the Women’s Affairs department seeks to promote women in government and private sectors, and enable them to participate actively in the proper management of their family and social lives. 

Besides building leadership capacities, women in Oman have also been enabled to participate in decision-making. They enjoy equal status as men in public participation and in private/popular establishments. The number of Omani women’s associations has grown to 65 covering all governorates and wilayats of the sultanate. Women are also active participants in charity and professional associations.

Sayyida Basma al Said

Founder of Whispers of Serenity Clinic for Mental Health

I want to congratulate every Omani woman on this amazing day and thank her for her efforts to build our beloved country. I would also like to ask her what is the fear she has managed to overcome in this one year. 

Time flies fast so it is always good to reflect on what you have done and to congratulate yourself on your efforts. Women usually forget to do that and I think when we reflect and look back, it helps us realise what has been accomplished in a year and where we are going from here. A national day for women is an amazing gift that has been given to all of us Omanis. But we need to use it wisely. We must think of new and creative ideas to give back to our country in every way. I know that each one of us has put in a lot of efforts for our beloved country and this is the time to pat your back for the good work done. 

We are now going through a lot of changes and I think as women we help maintain a balance in society. Also, as women it is important that we work side-by-side with the men of this country to build our beloved country together. 

Balqees al Hassani

President of Knowledge Oman

I’m privileged and honoured to share a few insights on this glorious occasion of the 11th anniversary of Omani Women’s Day. Today, Omani women have a notable presence in many spheres of life and they are appointed to many of the highest offices. Omani women have been given equal opportunities to prove themselves in the public and private sectors.

Omani women have indeed proven their position in many different walks of life. They have shown collective power to make positive changes and have collaborated to achieve big strides in their personal and professional capacities. They have used their voice to advocate for other women too. That makes Omani women special.

We at Knowledge Oman have given equal opportunities to all women to demonstrate their potential. We continue to support, develop and acknowledge women’s strengths and potential. Every woman plays an important role in developing the projects and programmes we offer to the community. Omani women are focused, determined and have the power to empower.

Turn you weakness into strength. Learn from your mistakes as they will help you shape the new you; turn your wounds and disappointments into wisdom. It is your responsibility to move forward in life. Have a clear vision of your life and what is the next right move for you. Avoid comparing yourself with others; you are a unique individual in all regards. Learn more about your true self in order to reach your highest and truest potential. Let your dream belong to you; never allow yourself to live for someone else’s dream. Happy Omani Women’s Day.









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