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Omani women- A cut above

17 Oct 2020

On the occasion of Omani Women’s Day (October 17), a section of expatriate women in the capital share their own views on what differentiates Omani women from those in other parts of the world. Whether it involves entrepreneurship or occupying high office, as in ministries, or simply following their dreams to achieve unique milestones for themselves and Oman, Omani women have always been a cut above the rest, they note.

Dr Ana Maria Anido 

Omani, hailing from Cuba 

Omani women are different due to their cultural upbringing that supports women being the centre of the family and social life. Women in Oman have been given equal opportunity to participate in every field, be it education, health, army, police or politics, with many ministerial positions, too. They are active in fulfilling their contribution to the growth and development of the country and work side by side with men in shaping the future of Oman.

Bubbly Chowdhry 

Indian expatriate 

Omani women are inspirational and pioneering, changing traditional barriers to achieve international success in spheres of science, sports, arts and business. An example to all women worldwide. Their communication is lucid, prompt and very graceful. Their hardwork and enterprise is always present but subtle and dynamic. They have a definite constructive purpose for Oman.

He Lihong (Jenny) 

Chinese expatriate 

As an overseas Chinese female, I have stayed in Oman for many years and noticed, although there is a strong, conservative and cultural influence on Omani women, including on lifestyle and work, they are very kind, friendly, patient, loyal, truthful with their belief, as well as have respect for other religions and family values. They like to change their lives with education and challenge themselves to become entrepreneurs to contribute to society.

Devyani Sampat 

Indian expatriate 

I have been in Oman for over 50 years and have seen Omani women from different generations from close quarters. They are tradition bound and at the same time modern in their outlook. They manage their families with ease, bring up children with good values, and also go ahead and take up jobs of varying types, and can be seen in high positions in business as well as in ministries. These qualities make them unique from others.

Farideh Zariv

 Iranian-Australian expatriate 

During the last two years that I lived in Oman, having travelled to different parts of the Gulf, I could say that Omani women have more power in society, and as mothers and wives. They have progressed alongside men, even in higher social space, whether in arts, culture, economics, science, and enjoy much respect on all rungs of society.

Rebeca Nigrinis 

Columbian expatriate 

I really admire how Omani women have emerged from a traditional society in the past years and how well they balance their careers and family responsibilities. On one hand, being business women and top professionals, and on the other, giving family and traditions their priority. They represent very well the Omani sense of hospitality.

Zeba Masoud 

Pakistani expatriate 

The will to compete with not only their male colleagues but also with the fast growing world makes Omani women far apart from the rest. They are confident and determined to take on the world with surprise and prove their worth.

Joana Mollet 

British-Portuguese expatriate 

Omani women are the silent movers behind the scenes. They are hardworking and dedicated. They are modern and forward looking, but at the same time they are always the preservers of tradition.


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