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A new world

12 Oct 2020

The arrival of the novel coronavirus has made us realise that everything that we believed was correct is not true. 

A virus shook the whole planet. Despite the tremendous advances in technology, we still do not know where we are going. There are specialists who contradict each other daily on TV programmes, not to mention politicians who have become experts in all medical issues. The world does not know where it is going.

The reality of the matter, however, is slightly different. Our world has changed and we did not realise it. Technological discoveries have taken over our minds. Through robots and telephones, those who created these technologies know where we are, what we say, what we like or dislike, and very little room is left for our freedom. Even when we think that we have choices, they are monitored in advance.

The speed at which these changes are happening is mind-blowing, moving from fast to faster. 

Meanwhile, we are observing these changes and not getting involved. The smart guys who are creating these new technologies are getting richer and the rest of the world has no choice other than to observe and be defenceless. Pharmaceutical companies are competing to create a vaccine, not because they want to save us, but to make huge amounts of money.

But is this the attitude we have to have or can we react differently?

Politicians are using these new technologies to reinforce their support, to influence public opinion, to divulge secrets, to force us to abide by them, etc. Tobacco companies advertise that cigarettes do not harm us, and do everything so people continue to buy tobacco. 

They are using and abusing these technologies and we follow them on WhatsApp, Facebook, TikTok and all social media platforms.

But why are we not using these apps to our advantage? If you want to know the market reaction to a product, before you launch it, you can get an accurate feedback from potential clients and ensure the viability of your project. The future is in our hands, not in the hands of those who run the world presently. 

If we want to change the opinion of people, we can also express our views in various social media. It takes only a couple of hours to see how we can spread our thoughts. Maybe not on the scale with which the owners of these technologies use it, but if we, as the people of the world, by working together can bring changes then we will tell the technologies what to do, and not the other way around. 

We should teach our very young children all about robotics, artificial intelligence, etc, so that they can design their future use of these technologies and not be used by them.

The politicians who we initially selected to represent us gradually turn around to tell us what we should do to enforce what is good for them.

If we do not change things and realise that we survive by co-operating with each other, then the world will collapse and there will be no planet Earth anymore. In the absence of a quick reaction, we and our planet will disappear. Let us not lose this opportunity and start a new and better world.


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