Thursday, December 07
07:42 AM

Nearly 350 volunteers come together to increase green covering in Dhofar


To increase green areas and preserve the environment, nearly 350 volunteers recently came together to plant trees in Dhofar governorate.

Conducted to boost afforestation, the initiative involved people from a cross section of society including youngsters, doctors and nature lovers.

The Qairoon Hairitti volunteer team started working in 2017 on afforestation in several areas to increase green covering in Dhofar.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Khalid Tabook, a team member, said, “Our aim is to spread environmental awareness among members of society and motivate young people to participate in volunteer work. The team has also replanted trees after severe climatic conditions.”

Tabook said it is necessary to spread awareness regarding afforestation and increase green spaces in the country.

“We are encouraging parents to inculcate this culture in children through our initiatives to grow various trees, especially figs. The volunteers want to educate the society and save the environment.” 

On July 28, the team beganuprooting the Parthenium weed in the village of Qairoon Hairitti in Dhofar, he said. 

“To uproot the poisonous plant, we worked from 8am to 5pm. This needed a lot of effort and money, but with the help of the people, and our determination, we overcame the hurdles. We uprooted the toxic plant from a large  area.”

Increasing green covering on Earth is the need of the hour, Tabook said. 

“It will also boost health of humans and motivate them.”

The team, in cooperation with Salalah Municipality, is now working to move fig trees that have grown randomly on streets and bridges. 

“We are uprooting them from those places and planting them in other places far from homes and streets to increase afforestation. Wild figs are local trees that fight desertification and do not need much water.”

He urged people to cooperate in their endeavours. 

“We urge the residents of QairoonHairitti to cooperate with us in the coming days 

and do their bit to save the environment. We thank all the citizens who support us. We will continue our afforestation efforts and not stop. I hope that all volunteer teams in Dhofar come together under one umbrella.”


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