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Travel smart

4 Oct 2020

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), traveling safely during a global pandemic comes down to two basic things – avoiding close contact with strangers and following a few common-sense precautions.

With much of the United States slowly easing travel restrictions, research from the US Travel Association reveals that 71% of Americans miss travel and are eager to travel again. Still, most surveyed said they would approach future travel with vigilance and they rate cleanliness and hygiene as more important than ever.

So, what should the travel-anxious consider as they begin to enjoy the great wide open once more? The first thing is, how would you get to your destination. The experts at New York Presbyterian Hospital say traveling by car is safest, but if air, train or bus travel are necessary, health experts recommend taking a direct route to your destination.

Then, the next question is – where will you stay? It’s imperative, especially now, to understand and trust the cleaning protocols a facility follows before, during and after your arrival, says some hospitality experts who recommend that prospective guests should check whether the place of stay follows strict cleaning schedules for the rooms, besides all other indoor/outdoor facilities, and high-touch spaces like front desks and lobbies. 

Other lodging considerations:

* Will you have a private kitchen and dining area, or will you need to eat out at restaurants each day?

*Can you do laundry easily and safely, if needed?

* Do your accommodations provide complimentary face coverings, sanitising wipes and hand sanitisers?

Lastly, one must carefully consider activities. The safest options are ones you can do outdoors, like bike rides, hikes and visits to open-air attractions like botanical gardens. If you opt for indoor activities, check to make sure the establishment limits crowds, enforces mask-wearing and cleans often.

Also consider:

* Travel during weekdays and avoid holiday travel. Off-peak times mean less crowded rest stops and airports.

* Pack snacks and drinks. Having snacks on hand will help you avoid standing in line with strangers at food counters.


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