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Plan your next trip

27 Sep 2020

After being tied down to your home and routines for over six months, preparing for your next vacation can be almost as enjoyable as the vacation itself. Whether it’s with friends, a partner or the whole family, travel planning allows you to stay socially connected while remaining physically distant. Organising your next vacation will help lift spirits and build excitement around what is to come. Consider these ideas for your next trip:


Decide on the type of trip

Many people may shift travel plans from big cities to more open spaces where you can explore nature. Travellers are also looking to drive instead of fly, so there might be a great revival of road trips around the world. Open roads and beautiful scenery make the journey to some destinations even better than the destination itself. In small towns, all levels of outdoor opportunities attract everyone, from young families to expert-level adventure seekers.

* Explore natural wonder and take a mineral-rich soak at hot springs or cool waterfalls

* Enjoy world-class mountain biking in countries which offer suitable terrain for biking adventures

* Hit the water on a boat, float trip or take up river rafting 

* Whether a novice or expert, hiking within national forests and reserves provides unforgettable moments.

Explore new possibilities

In anticipation of your next vacation, explore travel websites, including state tourism sites, to get a taste of what adventures your next trip has to experience. You can explore the country’s history, attractions and unique information, including virtual tours of monuments, museums and parks.

You can even make this a fun project for kids to get them involved in the planning process. They can share what adventures they’re most interested in, and build on the excitement of the next family vacation.

Create a travel dream board

For hands-on fun, consider using a poster board or other large pieces of paper or cardboard to add pictures, phrases and information on the destination you want to visit. Each person can have their own or you can build one as a family. Hanging your dream board in a location you see often will help build excitement around your next trip.

Explore accommodation options

Choose a destination that offers a variety of accommodations with flexible travel options throughout the year. Whether it’s a traditional hotel with ample amenities or campgrounds and cabins. Guest ranches are another fun option, offering the opportunity to live out the western way of life, even for just a short time. 

Select a versatile destination

As no one knows when travel will fully rebound, choose a destination that excites you and your travel group with activities for every season: outdoor adventures in the summer, hunting and hiking in the fall, skiing and snowmobiling in the winter, and fishing and festivals in the spring. 

Be sure to check for updates on any closures and restrictions to your destination while planning.

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