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369 drowning deaths in 2019, experts call for caution

27 Sep 2020 By MOHAMMED TAHA

The Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulances (PACDA) has stated that 369 people lost their lives due to drowning in Oman in 2019, an increase of 138 per cent over the previous over. 

Cases of drowning have fluctuated over the past few years with 268 reported in 2016, 173 cases in 2017 and 155 in 2018, according to PACDA.

Following the statement, experts urged people to be cautious, follow safety measures and avoid hazards while swimming.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Said Yahya al Thuhli, a free divining instructor, said, “Cases of children drowning have increased. Unfortunate incidents happen when children are left swimming alone in wadis or farms.” 

He added, “People going out for adventure trips and swimming in wadis must follow guidelines, including wearing life jackets and going out only with well-known tourism companies who provide the necessary tools and equipment. I urge parents to teach their children to swim.”

A PACDA official said, “Some children jump from cliffs without knowing the depth of the water which lead to fatal injuries. Some do not abide by the precautionary regulations that prohibits swimming in places where water levels are constantly rising.”


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