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26 Sep 2020 By HUBERT VAZ

Yenuli Binara, an eleven year old student of Sri Lankan School Muscat, has launched a music video album – Wake up Mom – with a formidable message for people around the world to save ‘mother nature’ before it is too late for everyone.

The video has lyrics written by Yenuli who has a creative bent of mind from a very early age. It calls on people to desist from destructive tendencies and disregard for the environment which has now rendered the earth in a pitiable condition. Tapping at the conscience of people with a fervent appeal to stop their careless attitude towards the environment, the video represents the cries of the younger generation who will be inheriting a planet where nature has been denuded to fulfill modern aspirations.

“Our earth is in huge danger. As her children, let’s get together to protect our ‘mother nature’. This is my main message that I want to give to the people through my song,” Yenuli told Muscat Daily, adding, “No matter how much we talk about pollution, people will not feel much about it. So, I took ‘mother’ as an example because everyone loves their mother and nobody would like to see their mother dying. I used that emotion to make people realise that ‘mother nature’ is in danger. And, I matched every body part of our mother with the various aspects of nature.”

Yenuli, who has been a talented student all through, already has many feathers in her cap. She has performed in many cultural programmes in her school functions in Oman as well as appeared in many popular television programmes in Sri Lanka.

Last year, she had represented Oman in the ‘I-Sing World international Singing Competition’ held in Sweden (Stockholm), wherein youngsters from 42 countries had participated, and won the 1st runners-up award in the junior category as well as the ‘Best audience performer Award’. She had also represented Oman in Euro Pop 2019 in Berlin where she won the Special Jury Award for a singing performance by a singer from outside Europe as well as a Special Music Diploma for her performance.

About the lyrics of this new album, Yenuli says, “I wrote the lyrics by myself. Since my early childhood, I love nature and am always inspired by it. When I see danger caused to nature and animals, I feel very sad and I cannot contain that within myself. I feel, as human beings, if we continue to do harm to the environment, we will soon be getting closer to the destruction of ‘mother nature’.” Yenuli has written, drawn pictures, as well as given speeches about this menace in the past and this song is now her way of getting the message across to a wider audience.

Yenuli practises music for at least two hours every day. She has been learning music from the Oman branch of London Music College while her vocal coaches, who are in other countries, constantly guide and train her how to enhance her performances.

She hopes to use all her talents – her academic skills and public speaking as well as singing skills – towards good service to the world, she says, adding, “Through music, which is a field that can touch human hearts, I hope to create songs that will give good messages to people, especially children, around the world.


Message to school children in Oman

“I like to tell school children and all my friends in Oman that we all have unique talents and abilities. We should develop them while helping and staying peacefully with each other, to give a good service to this country and the world. Towards this, let’s all join together to protect our mother nature – as little children, we can do so many things, like planting trees, reducing the use of plastic, proper disposal of waste etc. Let’s start doing these things from our own homes,” says Yenuli.


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