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Ready to fly

26 Sep 2020

The Civil Aviation Authority has reaffirmed its preparedness to resume international flights from Oman following the Supreme Committee’s endorsement of October 1 as the date for resumption of flights. On Friday, Oman Airports had a successful trial to test operational readiness of Muscat International Airport with 150 volunteers who underwent the full arrival process, including registration, immigration, COVID-19 PCR tests (nasal swabs), and exit through the baggage claim hall. 


Before travelling 

Checking in and finalising all travel procedures online is highly recommended, whenever possible.

All travellers must fill in and sign a health declaration form to confirm that they do not have COVID-19 and its symptoms.

Travellers may carry only one handbag with them and an additional bag from the duty-free market to avoid crowds at security points and in the airplane.

Passengers must arrive at the airport at least 3-4 hours before departure time.

No passenger suffering from COVID-19 or its symptoms will be allowed to enter the airport.

All passengers must wear face masks in the proper manner in the airport.

Only travellers are allowed to enter the airport departure station.

Omani citizens must have valid health insurance covering COVID-19 in the country to which they are travelling to.


Arriving passengers 

Only Omani citizens and residents with valid resident cards are allowed to enter the sultanate without the need of prior approval.

All visitors are required to have health insurance that covers the cost of COVID-19 treatment for a period of one month.

All arriving passengers must download the Tarassud+ application before arriving or on arrival in Oman. 

All arriving passengers must have their temperature checked and those with COVID-19 symptoms will be directed to designated clinics for examination. 

Foreigners coming to Oman must ensure availability of adequate housing during the quarantine period.

Aircraft crew are exempted from 14-day quarantine and subject to the precautionary measures issued by the Ministry of Health.

Physical distancing must be maintained at security points, luggage collection and at customs inspections.

Only passengers are allowed to enter the airport; others require proper permit.

Arrivals to Oman for a period from one to seven days must register with Tarassud+

Arrivals to Oman for a period of eight days or more must wear the Tarassud+ bracelet and be quarantined for a period of 14 days.

Aircraft crew and children under 15 years are exempted from COVID-19 (PCR) test.


At airport and on aircraft 

All passengers will have their temperature checked upon entering the building. They will only be granted access if their temperature is below 38°C.

Social distancing will be practised by all passengers at all times adhering to the regulations and instructions. Ground labels must be used to maintain order at the airport.

Hands must be washed with soap and cleaned with hand sanitisers after any exchange of any documents. Sanitisers are available at all airport facilities. 

All passengers must remove their face masks to confirm their identity whenever required by policemen at passport counters, security points or anywhere in the airport.

Whenever possible, it is highly recommended to pay electronically and use self-service counters at the airport. 

All passengers must avoid being too close together during boarding and while being inside the plane. Social distancing is obligatory at all stage of travel and all instructions to maintain physical distancing must be followed at all times.

All passengers must wear masks throughout the flight.

All passengers must remain seated in the plane during the flight, only getting up from their seat when it is necessary or when asked to exit the plane upon arrival.

All used face masks and gloves are to be disposed in the designated waste bins.

Guidelines for airlines 

The Civil Aviation Authority has notified all airlines operating in the sultanate that the resumption of scheduled flight operations will be as follows:

1 Scheduled international flights will resume starting October 1, 2020 between Oman and GCC countries, Bangladesh, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Germany, India, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Pakistan, Philippines, Sudan, 

Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey and the UK by the Omani national carriers and the national carriers of the mentioned countries taking into account the applicable procedures for operating of scheduled flights in these countries. 

2 The operations will be limited to two weekly scheduled flights between the selected airports in the countries mentioned above and Muscat International Airport or such other airports in Oman as may be permitted by the Civil Aviation Authority to operate scheduled flights.

3 Non-scheduled and repatriation flights between Oman and other countries will be continued by the Omani national carriers and the national carriers of the concerned countries according to needs.

4 Civil Aviation Authority will regularly review the limited operation of the scheduled flights according to the situation and take into consideration the travel necessities.

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